Monday, 27 July 2009

Warped Tour 09

I should have really posted a blog earlier on the tour but i've been to busy partying/working/sleeping and just chillin'.

I joined the tour in pittsburgh and now we're in georgia, macon!

Warped tour is crazy, you wake up somewhere new everyday so yoru constantly disorientated! It's all good though, yesterday we were right by the ocean and I saw a dolphin!

Todays a day off so i'm just relaxing, we're in the strangest place though, it's deserted and the only thing nearby is a burger king.

If there's one thing that i dislike about america it has to be the food - sorry to say, but it's just full fo either fat/sugar or salt - it's giving me a poorly tummy :[

getting my camera developed soon so i'll post some pictures!

We went to new york city though and i made a video there!...check it out!

subscribe to my youtube for more videos on warped!

i'll post more when i'm less tired but for now, hasta la vista baby ;] x