Thursday, 28 May 2009


I've not wrote anything for a while even though so much has happened lately!

I've been a very busy bee.

I'm going to warped tour on the 8th July! yay! can't wait for 6 weeks in the sun!! Although, i'm going to be working my little legs off. (I'm not a leggy blonde)

Sooo, i keep looking at these beautiful pictures and i thought i'd share them with you!



I think they're really beautiful. Have a look at the artists website she's called Nicoletta Ceccoli. >

I have something else to show you. I don't know why I am doing because i'm just embaressing myself. I was ill for 2 weeks solid and didn't leave the bed so i decided to get up and rather than stare at the white ceiling wall eating a strawberry a day managed to freestyle this.
I apologise for the language, it's not offensive just part of the narrative :/ HAHAHA enjoy.


I'm listening to Tori Amos :) she's so amazing. I'd love to see her live in concert. It was when i started to listen to tori amos and norah jones that made me start playing piano.

I haven't played for a while though :[ I plan to begin properly again very very soon though. Maybe I will show you some of my songs! Although, i'm a bit shy like that so i probably won't.

Anyway, see ya :)x

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