Sunday, 12 April 2009

Pod Ville ;]

Bonjour beau!

I'm back from America, you might have guessed. I had such a good time! We did so much within 10 days. Bamboozle left festival in Irvine was top! I really enjoyed myself. Felt like i was in a floaty fairy world bouncing from stage to stage. For once i went to a festival where I wasn't caked in mud up to my belly. ;]





The Deftones played and they're one of my favorite bands ever! They played half the tracks off the white pony album - it was amazzzzzinggg!!!

I didn't take this picture because i was too busy on the front row ;]


Fiddy cent followed - that was funny. I was well excited for fall out boy but i thought they were a bit of a let down to be honest. Though their songs stuck in my head for dayyyyssss after!!

We went to Disney land too!! :D Toon town was my favourite ;] oh and the fireworks of course ;D.


Goofy's house!!!

I made a cheese sandwich and got the ingredients from minnies fridge...


I got to spend sometime on the beach too!! wooopidoop...soo nice, silky sand, blue skies = yes please. I love santa monica beach!! I seriously want to live in the sun one day.


So that's my trip in a nutshell...I'm into the adult swim channel too if you know of that!! And no it's not X rated ;]



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