Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sunday March 1st

You can't beat a sunday afternoon, can you? Compare Sundays to Mondays. Monday's are blue because everybody goes to work and if your at school then you have to wake up and if your like me, you welllll don't want to wake up on mondays. When i was at school my mum used to have to hold my feet and pull me out of bed, whilst i was hanging on to the bed posts - not the prettiest sight, but there you go.

Ohhhhh but! Now i have mondays good is that, (not into the loose women and jeremy kyle scene though.) Anyway, i'm listening to Jack Johnson and his lyrics always make me want to talk loads because he always seems to have so much to say, so i just decided to get involved.

Oh!! it's the first of the month! Isn't that fun. I'm eating scrambled eggs, there pritttting good you know. I was debating over that and chilli. But then i thought, well it is sunday so i might as well eat sunday foods, you know!!! (It's abit hot yet though) :/ Blow ittt.

I had the BEST weekend ever! You know the ting tings? Well we went to a shoot thing for MTV and their new music video! It was insane in my membrane, there was like 300 people dressed in white adidas tracksuits! (oh yes, we were pimpin') and there was a free bar! BUT, that's not the least of it! We had to go into a white room where the ting tings were playing and have a paint fight!!!

It was soooooo funny!! I was taking people's hats off and squirting paint on their hair then throwing their hats to the other side of the room and running away! Very cheeky. Paul was following me around squirting me too. Loved every second. Then i went back to my sisters and showered because i looked like a crispy, painty mountain with eyes. We were covered from head to shoulder to knees to toes. Then we had a party and got extremely drunk twisting ourselves in the curtains pretending to be wig wams to the 'wig wam bam' song.

Roll on the trauma!

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