Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sunday March 14th

It was a thursday afternoon,
and I was ready for a cut,
So i strolled down oxford road
eating ice cream flavoured with pistachio nut. ;)

I was in a bright happy mood,
Until she attacked me with the scissors,
and then the bright orange women said
"sorry love, i'll have to get my advisors"

I was feeling apprehensive,
As she was cutting without a bloody care!
And when I was still wet through
She barked out "alright gorgeous your finished, do you like your new hair?

So i said ' are you having a laugh? i'm piss wet through!'
Isn't cutting hair what hairdressers are supoosed to proffesionally do?

Obviously, not this one, so i left.
And guess what! I won't be going back.

Anyway, that's my hairdresser's anger let out.
But I cut it myself in the end so you know.

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