Monday, 23 March 2009

Rise and Shine!

I've just woken up.
This is the first lie in i've had in about 10days, it feels amazing.

Ashleigh stayed over last night and we smoked some doobi doobi, ate lots of food and laughed at the cheesy chat up lines on her phone for hours. Ha, then I gave her a pamper with all my body shop products. Feet/hands/face. It was so funny we were sat over the bath with our feet in and then just resorted to the floor because our bums got wet.

I went to a really cute antiques shop the other day and bought some pretty furniture! It's so sweet, they had this cream clock that you screw to the wall looked a bit like this...


Anyway, i though it's really cute and I want it ;]

I'm saving up for a doll's house too, I've always wanted one! The furniture is so sweet and mini!! And you can decorate them however you like!

See, mini piano grand piano's, oh beaubeau!!


I have so much college work to do before my rehearsal for my play! So i better hop, skip and jump...

ciao bella!


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