Thursday, 19 March 2009

I'm so scared of the dentist! I went there yesterday, and i still have toothache! :( they've given me this medicine so it should calm down, but it doesn't seem to want to work...

BUT. And i say BUT in a BIG way because it is very very very SUNNY!!! Therefore, I will not let my stupid toothache ruin my day/week/year (especially, if it carry's on at this rate!) I am fully dosed up on co-codamol anyway, and i'm sure I can just trip the day away!

I've been staying on my own for the last 5 days, it's quite scary but i'm getting used to it a bit, I couldn't do it full time though, I'd be officially cuddle-less!! :/!! Oh well only 12 days to goooo!

12 DAYS = L.A!!!! YIPEEEEEEE!!. My passport came today too! So now i'm officially allowed to get all excited because my ticket to paradise has finally arrived!! Oh, it's going to be amazing...I'm flying on my own for 16 hours! BUT, again a BIG BUT ;). After the long long long flight and hopefully a simple change in Chicago (not looking foward to that, last time I missed two flights in a week! ;/) I am going to jump on MR.G in the airport!!!:D:D A master touchdown, seriously!


There you go, thats me the footballer guy and the balls PG, all you need to do is imagine that's the airport..

HAHAHAAAAAAA What am i on about?!!

You know what, I think these 2 weeks are my busiest weeks in the whole of 2009. So i best dash dash dash because i have lots of plans today and i'm talking bubbles!! SEEEYAAAAAAAAx

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