Wednesday, 7 January 2009

This one can't get ripped up

7/01/2009 4:22am
Well it may not be the 1st of January but it's early January so it's a start. I'm awake i think, well i don't feel as tired as i normally do at this time on a wednesday, now thursday morning i suppose. 

Everything's a bit mental lately! I'm going back to university on the 19th though and i'm looking forward to that because I just feel a bit lost. I find it strange how a year ago I was living at home with my mum and now i'm living in Manchester with my boyfriend and have lots of different friends from all over the world! I'm studying a BA in drama and screen studies and i often think, will this even get me anywhere? Well I hope it does! 

I'm getting really into film lately watched blue velvet tonight, it's top but freaks me out. Not really into sexual violence - but whatever tickles your fanny. Ha, thats disgusting.

I doubt i'll even keep this blog up. I just can't sleep and i thought it might tire me out a bit. Is that how you spell tire? God knows (well if he does, he knows more than me.)

I'm gunna go swimming tomorrow. I say that though and i never do. I think i will this time, swimming sounds top now. I love diving in the pool when your rough on holiday! Oh, how good is that? If I woke up in rainy manchester after a night out and I had a massive pool to jump into, i swear there'd be no need for the word hangover to exist.

I think i'm a bit tireder now. I might write back tomorrow to inform you of my swim but, i probably won't go swimming or even write back.

Shut up.