Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Simple things.

Hello, it's been a while again. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I thought i'd post since i was debating about going straight to sleep, watching amelie or writing a few things down. so I thought I'd do it in reverse order and write things down, watch amelie and then go to sleep. :]

Moved into a new apartment since my last post and it's beautiful and makes me very happy. I'm now in my second year at university too which also makes me happy.

Went to a fancy dress party the other week and dressed up as the mad hatter! Hahaha...


I've been thinking about a few things lately and you know what i've come to realise it's the SIMPLE THINGS that make me happy. I thought to myself today what would i do without a brew in the morning, a cuddle before bedtime and all my friends. Well I'd not have a brew in the morning, go to sleep cuddleless and probably be pretty lonely. So thanks simple things for making everything a bit more gooderer.

It's all a bit exciting this time of year don't you think? I love the run up to christmas, everyone looks all snug in there winter clothes and there's lights everywhere and presents! Not too sure if i'll be dressing up as a christmas pudding this year though! May have to top it with something else!


I'm excited for the christmas markets and the light switch on in manchester, it's when the city makes me smile the most. :]]]

Keep listening to lykke li...maybe you would like her too?

I'm so tired now and need to get some beauty sleep, early start...Night x

Monday, 27 July 2009

Warped Tour 09

I should have really posted a blog earlier on the tour but i've been to busy partying/working/sleeping and just chillin'.

I joined the tour in pittsburgh and now we're in georgia, macon!

Warped tour is crazy, you wake up somewhere new everyday so yoru constantly disorientated! It's all good though, yesterday we were right by the ocean and I saw a dolphin!

Todays a day off so i'm just relaxing, we're in the strangest place though, it's deserted and the only thing nearby is a burger king.

If there's one thing that i dislike about america it has to be the food - sorry to say, but it's just full fo either fat/sugar or salt - it's giving me a poorly tummy :[

getting my camera developed soon so i'll post some pictures!

We went to new york city though and i made a video there!...check it out!

subscribe to my youtube for more videos on warped!

i'll post more when i'm less tired but for now, hasta la vista baby ;] x

Thursday, 28 May 2009


I've not wrote anything for a while even though so much has happened lately!

I've been a very busy bee.

I'm going to warped tour on the 8th July! yay! can't wait for 6 weeks in the sun!! Although, i'm going to be working my little legs off. (I'm not a leggy blonde)

Sooo, i keep looking at these beautiful pictures and i thought i'd share them with you!



I think they're really beautiful. Have a look at the artists website she's called Nicoletta Ceccoli. >

I have something else to show you. I don't know why I am doing because i'm just embaressing myself. I was ill for 2 weeks solid and didn't leave the bed so i decided to get up and rather than stare at the white ceiling wall eating a strawberry a day managed to freestyle this.
I apologise for the language, it's not offensive just part of the narrative :/ HAHAHA enjoy.


I'm listening to Tori Amos :) she's so amazing. I'd love to see her live in concert. It was when i started to listen to tori amos and norah jones that made me start playing piano.

I haven't played for a while though :[ I plan to begin properly again very very soon though. Maybe I will show you some of my songs! Although, i'm a bit shy like that so i probably won't.

Anyway, see ya :)x

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pure comedy genious!

I'd like to take a few minutes of your time to make you laugh a little.

This fella right here..


Is an absolute legend!! His love for New Zealand is so patriotic i think even the English Queen would be proud.

Hahahaa, well it cracks me up.



Sunday, 12 April 2009

Pod Ville ;]

Bonjour beau!

I'm back from America, you might have guessed. I had such a good time! We did so much within 10 days. Bamboozle left festival in Irvine was top! I really enjoyed myself. Felt like i was in a floaty fairy world bouncing from stage to stage. For once i went to a festival where I wasn't caked in mud up to my belly. ;]





The Deftones played and they're one of my favorite bands ever! They played half the tracks off the white pony album - it was amazzzzzinggg!!!

I didn't take this picture because i was too busy on the front row ;]


Fiddy cent followed - that was funny. I was well excited for fall out boy but i thought they were a bit of a let down to be honest. Though their songs stuck in my head for dayyyyssss after!!

We went to Disney land too!! :D Toon town was my favourite ;] oh and the fireworks of course ;D.


Goofy's house!!!

I made a cheese sandwich and got the ingredients from minnies fridge...


I got to spend sometime on the beach too!! wooopidoop...soo nice, silky sand, blue skies = yes please. I love santa monica beach!! I seriously want to live in the sun one day.


So that's my trip in a nutshell...I'm into the adult swim channel too if you know of that!! And no it's not X rated ;]



Friday, 3 April 2009



I'm sat on bed in my hotel on sunset blvd Hollywood! It's mad. Watching cartoon network whilst my lovely boyfriend sleeps his hangover away.

Hollywood's kind of what i expected, my favorite part is hollywood blvd because it gave me a shiver when paul turned me around and there was stars all over the floor, lights everywhere and elvis and barney impersonators walking around!! It's soooo amazing, i'm the happiest girl in the world.

I stood on britney's star a bit longer than everyone elses :D

I'll post some pictures when i get them developed. Went to melrose shopping a bit yesterday, bought a new teddy called fuzzy. It's well cute ;]

I seem to buy teddy's everywhere i go now. I think they might take over my bed soon!

Saw the HOLLYWOOD sign too! :D

We went to the warped tour launch party last night and i got kicked out for underage drinking, so i met this crazy guy outside and he gave me a weaved hat to put on as my disguise and i snuck in round the back!! Felt 13 again. :D :D

I think we're going to long beach today which will be fun! Babycakes are having a photoshoot for the sunglasses... (which i love) the colours are so good they go with all different outfits.

I've been watching tom and jerry all morning ;]


Went to the seven eleven and bought some banana's, apples and fresh orange juice for the healthy kick. I swear all they eat around here is hamburgers... ;[ Not into it.

Bamboozle festival on saturday!! i'm well excited. the deftones are playing!! :D

My smile is far too big lately and i love it! <3

Monday, 23 March 2009

Rise and Shine!

I've just woken up.
This is the first lie in i've had in about 10days, it feels amazing.

Ashleigh stayed over last night and we smoked some doobi doobi, ate lots of food and laughed at the cheesy chat up lines on her phone for hours. Ha, then I gave her a pamper with all my body shop products. Feet/hands/face. It was so funny we were sat over the bath with our feet in and then just resorted to the floor because our bums got wet.

I went to a really cute antiques shop the other day and bought some pretty furniture! It's so sweet, they had this cream clock that you screw to the wall looked a bit like this...


Anyway, i though it's really cute and I want it ;]

I'm saving up for a doll's house too, I've always wanted one! The furniture is so sweet and mini!! And you can decorate them however you like!

See, mini piano grand piano's, oh beaubeau!!


I have so much college work to do before my rehearsal for my play! So i better hop, skip and jump...

ciao bella!